The Importance of Citation/Search Directories For Boosting Your Local Business Listing

Local Search is all about authority and consistency in your business’ data on the Internet. Search Engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo trust certain directory and citation sources more than others, which can give your local business listing a rankings boost. But which directories and which citation sources do the major search engines trust? Search Directories (not to be confused with Search Engines, like Google) can be excellent sources for links.

Local Search Directories

Here is an updated Search Directory List providing sources that can boost your local listing. Please note that even though directory links have been reduced in importance within Google’s search algorithms, they still have value. Specifically, the directories listed below and niche directories (like, if you’re selling hot sauce) are currently considered authoritative and are trusted by the major search engines.

The Best General Directories

DMOZ – Free. Could take up to a year or more for your site to be listed. – $299 annual fee

Best of the Web – $149.95/year or $299.95 one-time. As name indicates, was once an award site. – $39.99 one-time fee, free for editors, Takes about a week to be listed either way.

GoGuides – $69.95 per URL. Sites are instantly included. Money back guarantee if your submission is declined.

Additional Top General Directories

Universal Business Listing – $79 per year. Excellent local search directory.

Family Friendly Sites – Between $19.95. $59.95 annually

Rubber Stamped–  $49.95 one-time review fee; refundable if rejected. Nice, growing directory.

Skaffe – One time $49.99 fee, or free but only for submissions done over weekends. All submissions reviewed and not accepted will be accessed a $10 processing fee. Becoming an editor is not difficult, and is an easy way to get listed for free.

Starting Point – $99 annual fee. Quality directory, many high-PageRank pages. Not widely known, so may be a link your competitors won’t have yet.

Gimpsy – $49 to be reviewed within 72 hours; $20 refund if site is turned down. Free submit available, but can take months to be listed. Focused primarily on commercial sites. Can be difficult to find the proper category to submit to.

Site Snoop – $15 one-time fee. Then you can add up to 4 additional URLs in your listing for an additional $5 per URL. Currently does not accept mortgage/loan, adult or casino sites and any site that sells drugs without a doctor’s prescription. There tends to be a lot of spam in that industry, so this helps improve the overall quality of the directory.

In part 2 of this blog, I will identify the top Local Business Listing Directories and Data Providers.

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