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Hire an Expert for an AdWords Overhaul

Establishing a sound foundation in AdWords is a critical step to performance.

Here’s What You Get

Get a comprehensive level-up for your AdWords campaigns.

PPC Expert Stanislaw Andrzej will cover & implement all areas of AdWords Best Practices for you, including improving your keywords, ads, bids, negatives, campaign settings & ad group structure.

  • Research your business & your competitive landscape.
  • Evaluate your campaign’s settings & structure.
  • Where appropriate, restructure your existing ad groups & revise your existing content to ensure it is highly targeted.
  • Create additional content including keywords, ads, & negative keywords
  • Evaluate & adjust your bids, & search results position

How It Works

Choose which campaigns you’d like to include in your project. (Start as many projects with as many campaigns as you would like.)

Get project results and see improvements in a matter of days. (time of project completion is based on campaign size and complexity.)

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