Link Building

Are you in a competitive niche and floundering? Are you having a hard time improving your search engine rankings or positioning your site more competitively? Have you experienced Penguin related filtering issues due to previously poor link building practices? Were you burned by a supposed link building expert or firm and are currently lost as to what to do next? Do you know what a “good” link looks like?

Link building isn’t easy. Quality relevant natural links that bring traffic, increase sales, and spur higher search rankings are even harder to generate. Fortunately, has you covered. Get the answers to all your link building questions and formulate an individualized strategy that will bring results with a link building consultation from industry expert Stanislaw Andrzej.

Schedule the sixty minute telephone call on behalf of your own site or the site of a client and receive all of the following:

  • Gain an unbiased blunt overview of your current link building profile.
  • Review your current profile for link toxicity and penalty triggers.
  • Visually see how your link profile compares to your major provided competitors.
  • Learn the four tenets of Google-friendly link building.
  • Understand the importance of content as a link generation tool.
  • Discuss the difference between Link Building and Link Earning.
  • Explore what link classes still work in a Post-Penguin Google world.
  • Receive a report of link building targets tailored to your specific niche.
  • Get the answers to any and all your link building questions.

Stanislaw Andrzej will deliver, via email, an initial link building audit that shows the current state of your link profile and then discuss full findings, including all topics above, during a live 60-minute telephone consultation. You will also receive one week of follow-up email assistance to ask any clarification questions. You get all of the above for the incredibly low price of $395!

And if you decide to continue on your own, remember this advice:

Google wants editorially valued links. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money!


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